Candace Owens and the Demeaning of Black People

Dear Candace, I, along with my wife Ursula, who is also an African American, write to share with you some things of great concern to us as we have listened to you. We write as bible-believing Christians. In the interest of full disclosure, politically and as simply as we can put it, we identify asContinue reading “Candace Owens and the Demeaning of Black People”

The Shameless Denigration of Mr. George Floyd

I have been shocked and deeply grieved at the comments some people have made, most notably Candace Owens, which I will be responding to as well, and memes that are floating around that highlight George Floyd’s troubled past. Not only have they seen fit to denigrate the grave of a man who was ruthlessly chokedContinue reading “The Shameless Denigration of Mr. George Floyd”